More protection for your mail account with Hornetsecurity

Anti-spam for your e-mails. 

The flood of unwantedly sent e-mails explodes and turns into a burden for the company.

A considerable part of the working time needs to be spent with sorting our the mailbox.

When spending only 5 minutes daily it adds up to 2,5 working days a year!

Protect yourself with HornetSecurity effectively and economically against spam without additional hardware, software installations or administrative effort for your IT-section.

HornetSecurity analyses all mails with complex algorithms and thus identifies even difficultly recognisable spam like image spam. With a detection rate of 99,9% it is the most effective solution on the market.

Hornetsecurity offers even more:

  • Protection against viruses, Trojans, worms and malware.
  • Protection against Phishing attacks
  • E-mail Queuing: If your mail server fails all incoming mails are queued and delivered when your mail server is available again.

Test Hornetsecurity for free for 30 days!

Got curious? Convince yourself about the quality of Hornetsecurity and test our premium spamfilter for free for 30 days!


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