Set up mail address on a mobile phone?

You can set up your mail address on your phone easily.
All you need is the following information:

  • POP3 or IMAP protocol
  • User name, enter your entire mail address here
  • Password, enter the password that you received from us - please use the correct upper- and lowercase letters
  • Mail server POP3 or IMAP: mail.webhome.at
  • SMTP server: mail.webhome.at
  • SSL usage: NO
  • SMTP server requires authentification: YES

Important ports & protocols?

For our mail server please use the following ports:

  • POP3: Port 110
  • IMAP: Port 143
  • SMTP: Port 25
  • SMTP SSL: Port 587

Move SPAM mails via Outlook rule?

  • Our mail server detects spam mails and attaches additional subject information to them. Thus mail clients can identify these mails and move them to another folder automatically.
  • Rule set up using MS Outlook as an example: open Outlook Extras -> Rule-assistant choose Rule-assistant Create new rule choose "verify message on arrival" then choose "with defined words in the subject" and enter "[Spam]" as a defined word "move those to destination folder" and create a new folder as destination names "Spam" then continue.
  • You're done, now you created the rule to move spam mails automatically to the new folder "Spam".

What does name server change mean?

  • A name server change happens when the domain is either registered to another name server (change) or when the IP address (DNS) changes.

What is a registrar or provider change?

  • When a domain owner transfers his domain from one registrar/provider to another. That is possible at all times. The domain owner has to take into account though, that eventually contracts between him and the former registrar/provider can still exist.

What is a domain?

  • Every computer has an unique number on the internet, comparable to a phone number. Because people can't remember numbers as well the computers are given an additional name. Computers that are part of a group (for example within a company) are combines into an area (=domain).
  • www.web-crossing.com is significantly easier to remember than

How can I contact you in case a malfunction occurs?

  • You can contact us under the following phone numbers:
    ◦ 0512 20 65 67 (to normal office hours)
    ◦ 0900 39 39 20 (outside the normal office hours)

How can I use the webmail interface?

  • The term WebMail refers to a web-based, graphic interface for your email management. You can read emails, delete them or leave them on the server. You can create emails and send them. There you have the option to use a signature and you can attach extern data to the email. Additionally you have the option to create a address register.
  • The use of WebMail is handy for on the go. Worldwide you can read and answer your mails, provided that you have an internet access. 
  • Your WebMail can be found here: mail.webhome.at

  • As USERID please use your email address (for example: info(at)YourDomain.at) Enter your password in the field PASSWORD. Then klick on "Logon".

How can I create an automatic answer mail?

  • A autoresponder is a function of our mail program that automatically sends a standarised message to the sender of received mails.
  • The use of autoresponders is reasonable to give your customers the assurance that their mail was received and will be processed soon. Often autoresponder are used with customer information systems: For example when a customer sends an email to the address "reseller@softwareschmiede.de" he automatically receives all available information about the reseller-program of the provider.
  • To set up an autoresponder connect with your mail server under:


    and log in with your account for which the autoresponder should be created
  • In the menu you can find a configuration option "My account - absence". There you can enter your autoresponder message.

Problems with SMTP authentification with Outlook (MAC)?

  • Please keep in mind that it's necessary to show the advances sending options in the area "Send email". Afterwards activate the option "SMTP server requires authentification" as well as the option "Log in with". Now enter your mail address and your password.
  • Consider to use a "%" symbol instead of the "@" because otherwise the authentification won't work.

Problems when sending emails?

  • You can receive emails without any problems but get an error message when trying to send?
  • In this case you have to activate the option "outgoing mail server SMTP requires authentification" in your mail account options.
  • This option is accessed differently with each mail client. If you have trouble we'd like to help you by phone.

I received a writing by the Domain Registry of America, what should I do?

Please ignore this writing. 

Domains are automatically prolonged by us.

The Domain Registry of America (DROA) is no official organisation. 

How can I create an automatic answer message?

Log in to Webmail under http://mail.webhome.at with your email address and password.

Top right „Settings“ and then right on „Absence“. Here you can create a subject and the desired message.


Here you can find a short video

How can I change the password of my mail address?

Log in to Webmail under http://mail.webhome.at with your mail address and password.

Top right on „Settings“ and then choose „password“ in the list on the left.


Here you can find a short video

How can I forward an email address?

Log in to Webmail under http://mail.webhome.at with your mail address and password.

Top right on „Settings“ and then right on „Forwarding“. Here you can enter the desired email address. Alternatively you can also keep a copy of the message in your mailbox. 


Here you can find a short video

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