Headless CMS with Contentful or Open Source Headless CMS

Ideal for omnichannel marketing

We implement projects based on contentful or open source headless CMS solutions. Not every project is suitable, but there are applications in which the use of headless CMS systems is of great advantage.

In contrast to a conventional CMS such as TYPO3, Wordpress, etc., a headless CMS front end and back end are no longer linked. This means that content can be recorded centrally and output in various channels. For editors in particular, who have to supply a large number of systems and websites with content, this brings many advantages, but above all it saves time and therefore costs.

The advantages of headless CMS

  • Central content management
  • Unlimited number of frontends that can be used with the content
  • Can be combined with various programming languages
  • Saving costs and time
  • High scalability
  • Easy operation for editors

We offer you these services

  • Advice and conception
  • Installation
  • Further development
  • Training


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