Browser-Push-Notifications easy and with data protection

To gain new custumers and to tie existing customers to your company, is a big challange for online-marketing.

Browser-Push-Notifications are a innovativ and efficient way to face this challange.

Push-Notifications are getting more attantion then anything else, because of the immediadly showing on your desktop.

You reach your customers, no matter where they are surfing around in the internet. 

Just one open Browser has to be open to recive your Push-Notification.

Why you should use Browser-Push-Notifications:

  • timesaving comunication in real time
    • perfect addition for Marketing-Mix
    • higher signin- and clickrates compared to newsletters
    • perfect support in the customer journey

PushPanda makes digital communication as simple as never before and is to 100% DSGVO-konfrom.

PushPanda is a austrian company and doesn´t safe any personal data. The administration takes place on the servers in germany.So are the requirements for the DSGVO to 100% accomblished.

Customers can choose between different packages with different Feature-Size. From free-accounts for small Websites, till business-packages for intensive Users is everything included.

Advantages of PushPanda

    • 100% data security
    • 100% DSGVO-confrom
    • personal service within Tirol
    • clear interface
    • simple Setup

Exact information to pices and packages are on the website of Pushpanda. 

If you have questions to package selecction or integration for your Website we will support you with pleasure!

+43 512 20 65 67