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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to all measures that serve the purpose of making a website more visible in the result-lists of search engines like Google & Co. 

Search Engine Optimization is distinguished in the fields OnPage and OffPage. 

Search Engine Optimization OnPage

The OnPage Search Engine Optimization designates all measures that can be taken on the own website to rank it better in search engines. These include many factors like a semantically correct structure, placement of link-titles and alt-texts, avoidance of duplicate content, great usability, short loading times, sufficient intern linking, valid source code etc.

Beneath all the necessary technical precautions for Search Engine Optimization the filling and texting of the site is important too. Individual site titles and meta description should be kept in mind just like usage of keywords in the texts, headlines and linkings.

We optimize your site technically and content-related so that you are found at Google. A good placement in the search engines is crucial for the necessary traffic on your site and thus the success in the internet.  

Search Engine Optimization OffPage

The OffPage Search Engine Optimization includes all methods to optimize a website that are not to be made directly on the site and thus can be influenced by the site operator only indirectly.

Requirement for a successful OffPage optimization is a good structure and valuable content on the page. Before the OffPage optimization always stands the OnPage optimization of a website.

By the use of the development of a good link structure (keyword: Backlinks) websites are valorized and thus ranked higher by search engines. To get great links from other sites in the internet it's especially important to provide valuable and unique content.

Also likes, shares and mentions in Social Media networks can contribute to a better placement of your website in search engines. Only great and useful content is shared and recommended.

What we can do for you as a SEO-agency

Search Engine Optimization is no secret science. Much more it's a handcraft that puts many single puzzle pieces together to an effective whole concept. We can support you with a row of services for successful implementing SEO-measures.

Website Analysis

The basis of a good SEO Strategy is the analysis of the current state of the website. We test your website for SEO-relevant factors, point out weaknesses and and create a optimizing plan with the necessary to-do's.

Creation of an optimizing plan

On the basis of the website analysis we create a comprehensive optimizing plan for you. In it all measures that should be taken to reach better placements in the search engines are determined.

SEO Consulting

We advise you in all questions about Search Engine Optimization. Together with you we define goals and strategies that are appropriate for your company and of course also your budget.

SEO Courses for editors

Also with the content-related design of your homepage you can make a lot of mistakes regarding SEO. We offer special SEO Courses for content-editors so you make as little mistakes as possible.

Google Sitelinks Search Box

Google Sitelinks Search Box

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