Design KMU websites properly

What small and average companies should take into account to be successful sustainably on the internet.

Today almost every small company has an own web presence. Nevertheless many of those small websites are not perceived. But particularly small companies can profit from a successful internet presence. Improve customer contact, order acquisition and customer connection sustainably.

Here are some of the most important recipes for success that you should consider when planning and designing your homepage: 

Success through added value

A website can only be successful when it offers the user added value. This added value will consist of a well prepared passing on of important information in most cases. 

A website is no advertising folder. Avoid shallow advertising claims and a exaggerated self-portrayal. A user that has already found the way on to your site primarily looks for answers to his questions. And those answers should be detectable easily on your site.

Success through reaching the right target group 

A good target group analysis represents the base of a successful web presence. Only when you're aware of who belongs to the target group, that means which persons should be addressed, the website can be designed accordingly.

Success through good content

The content concept of a website is decisive for the success on the internet. At one hand good content should provide the visitors of the website with the desired information and encourage them to further actions like contacting, offer request, and so on.

On the other hand good content is a decisive criterion for the position of the website in the search result list (SERP) of Google & Co.

The contents of a website should be presented to the visitor in a optically pleasing form. Attention should be payed to the right amount of information (too long texts scare users off) and also the density of information (generously designed websites appear more professional and are easier to read as well). 

With further information, for example links to extern or intern information offers, the user is provided an additional added value.

And not to forget! Pay attention that the provided information on your website are always up-to-date. Outdated information scare off every user. Current information and fresh content are not only pleasantly noticed by every visitor but you also contribute to the search engine optimization of your homepage.

Success through good navigation

With the right navigation you help the visitor to find their way on your website. All important information should be accessible within a few clicks. A visitor that has to click through the whole site with difficulty will soon lose his interest or try to get the information from another website.

A good navigation concept is intuitive, easily understandable and self-explanatory.

Success through appealing texts

An appealing website text is a text that visitors like to read, a text that arouses interest and makes curious. Boring lists and standarised advertising phrases should not be found on a website. 

Beneath the content also the preparation of the text is vitally important. A well readable font, clear structure and accurate headlines are only a few of these factors.

Success through good search engine optimization

Even the most beautiful website is of little use when it's not found. A good placement in the search result lists of Google & Co is essential for the success of a web presence. Only a website that is listed within the first pages of the ranking is noticed by the user.

Professional measures to search engine optimization (SEO) are very important also on sites for smaller and average companies. Beneath an accurate link building for a good backlink structure also the OnPage optimization plays a significant role.

That all these measures can be implemented successfully you should count on professional help. After all your website should leave a professional impression, not only concerning the content but also creatively and technologically. A good internet agency does not only program your website but provides the whole package of project analysis, design, programming, texting and search engine optimization.

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