Do you already use Google Analytics?

Detect problems – take chances

Google Analytics is a mighty analysis tool for websites that provides diverse evaluation options of website data. Google Analytics helps with the analysis of the user behaviour, provides informative statistics and helps to reach goals in online marketing better and make the website more successful. Google Analytics is cost-free and can be integrated on any website easily. Beneath a lot of information and analysis options like

  • Number and origin of visitors
  • Accesses to single pages
  • Visit history via funnel visualisation
  • Bounce rate
  • Comparison with former periods
  • Data export etc.

there is also the possibility to get notified about certain occurrences on the website per email. Thus problems on the website can be detected fast and the website provider can react before economical damage can form. The other way round new chances can be detected and used.

When setting up the alerts there are many options:

  • Sudden traffic loss
  • Unusual traffic peaks
  • Significant loss of visitors via Google AdWords
  • Decrease of conversions
  • Increase of conversions
  • Increase of 404 errors
  • Usability problems
  • Unusually high bounce rates
  • Problems with loading time
  • and much more...

You don't already work with Google Analytics? We integrate the required code to your website and support you with the first steps with Google Analytics. You already successfully work with Google Analytics but want to take the chances and opportunities more sufficiently? We'd like to adjust your Analytics account to your individual demands and set up the wanted alerts for you.

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