Google Sitelinks Search Box

Search box for the own website directly in the Google search results

On Google you have the option to request an intern search. This way visitors can search directly on the own website. That promotes clicks and visits. But how do you get such a search box?

First of all, you can't force to get a Sitelinks Search Box. If a website gets one or not depends on different factors. Firstly it depends on the volume of search requests. It's also important that the search terms refers clearly to one website (for example brand name, navigation queries).

If this prerequisites are given, but there is nothing implemented on the website, Google performs a site: search request, when the Sitelinks Search Box is used. That means that once more a search result list of Google is shown, but the results are limited to the stated website. The problem is, that the user is still on Google and not the own website. Thus advertisements of contenders are still shown and there is a chance of your potential customer clicking on one of these.

To bypass that problem you can implement either a JSON-LD markup or a microdata markup to your website. Obviously a functioning intern search function is required. After implementing the search results when using the Sitelinks Search Box are shown directly on the own website. That way more visits are guaranteed and consequently also the sales will increase.

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