HTTPS should become the new standard

Google wants to mark websites without encryption soon

Google want to make the internet not only better but also more secure. Sites without SSL encryption should soon be marked with a red "x" in the Chrome browser. Up to now such sites are displayed with a white sheet that doesn't stand out. Encrypted sites on the other hand are displayed with a green padlock that stands for secure browsing.

Since Google sees the encryption of a site as a sign of quality users should be firmly notified when they are not anymore on such a "secure" site. Furthermore it's stated that in the future encrypted sites have an advantage in the ranking. That way Google wants to create an incentive for more websites to switch to SSL encryption.

Whoever hasn't got an appropriate SSL certificate for his site yet should consider the change to https now. The integration of a SSL encryption isn't very expensive anymore. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when switching to https that the change can succeed smoothly and Google can indicate the new sites without problems. If you have questions regarding the encryption of your website please feel free to ask us for advice.

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