About the necessity of Search Engine Optimization

Every website owner have at least once been confronted with the term "Search Engine Optimising".
And the big question arises – DO I NEED THAT?
The very clear answer – YES!

Why this answer can be given so clearly and why it's inevitable to practice good Search Engine Optimising can be demonstrated with a short story.

Leave out the internet and take a look on the "proper" life.

Let's assume you decide to open up a restaurant. You look for the right location, furnish it with lots of love, engage qualified and friendly employees, your menu leaves nothing to be desired and your wine cellar is nicely filled. That your restaurant gets attractive for as many people as possible and you can achieve good sales it needs the help of a little advertising. A well-known restaurant critic declares to test your restaurant and leave a review afterwards.

Of course the restaurant critic already knows your restaurant through numerous advertisements, entries in the business directory etc. He can find the way without any problems because he knows the exact address and you made sure that the surrounding area of your restaurant has an appropriate signage.

The restaurant critic arrives. The ambience pleases him. The menu meets his expectations and the served dishes taste great. His expectations were fulfilled. Accordingly you get a top class review. Your restaurant gets good reputation and many new customers pay attention and visit your restaurant.

Let's go back to the internet.

The restaurant is your website and the restaurant critic is Google. Or better yet the Googlebot. The Googlebot is the Webcrawler of the search engine Google – thus a computer program that browses websites in the internet and makes them visible in the Google search. This listing of results is called SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). 

That the Googlebot can find the way to your homepage you have to help him a little. The signs in the internet are the so called "links". Through those the Googlebot pays attention to your offer (your website). Reasonably places links enable the Googlebot to find the way to your website easily and fast.

Of course it's also important that the Googlebot can get a brief overview about your offer – in other words he needs to be able to move freely and look around. Locked doors, obstacles and barriers hinder the Googlebot and he's soon going to lose interest of get an idea of your homepage. Don't disappoint him! The Googlebot needs to be able to read the menu. For this purpose it's necessary to write it in a language he can understand. The more interesting your offer the longer the Googlebot will stay on your website. Exactly like you wouldn't give someone a schnitzel who ordered spaghetti in real life – that way you have to ensure that the Googlebot gets what he expected.

If you can offer the Googlebot a tasty meal that meets his expectations he will reward you with a good placement in the search engine results.

This good placement guarantees you many new visitors on your homepage and with that certainly new customers.

Without professional search engine optimising you will not be found in the internet and your elaborately designed website continues to live in the depths of the World Wide Web.

So turn the Googlebot into your friend – he will reward you with frequent visits and good placements! 

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